About UdhaarDe

UdhaarDe is a wholly owned entity of Dartagnan Technologies Private Limited and www.udhaarde.com under the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 1999 is a medium created virtually to connect lenders and borrowers through electronic platforms of website and/or mobile app. The lending transaction is purely between lenders and borrowers at their own discretion and UdhaarDe does not assure loan fulfilment and/or investment returns. Also, the information provided on the platform are verified or checked on the best efforts basis without guarantying any accuracy in the data/information verification. Any investment decision taken by the lender on the basis of this information is at discretion of the lender and UdhaarDe does not guarantee that the loan amount will be recovered back from the borrower fully or partially. The risk is entirely on the lender. UdhaarDe will not be responsible for the full or partial loss of the principal and/or interest of lenders' investment.

Dartagnan Technologies Private Limited is only a technological management firm specializing in building an online marketplace for helping users lend and borrow. Our firm provides lenders with low cost access to short duration, high yield loan and alternative assets by taking advantage of the efficiencies in the private debt asset class and investing in other alternative asset classes. Our users offer loans that include the consumer, small business, and real estate verticals. Listings may also include alternative asset classes like litigation finance and life settlements. We let our users select loans using a risk-based pricing approach that focuses on credit quality, yield, and duration with the objective of achieving consistent returns that have low volatility and low correlation to other asset classes.

The construction of our website platform is designed to create diversified loan classification within each vertical: Consumer loans, Small Business loans and Real Estate loans. Our Special Opportunities classification, opens up lending opportunities to our users across multiple vehicles including litigation finance, life settlements, and specialty credit investments. We have also classified some opportunities as direct donations to users who are interested in helping someone in need.

Our Expectation

We expect our lending platform to grow exponentially because restrictive credit conditions from traditional banks has created opportunities to offer better credit terms for both the lender and the borrower, individuals and start-up businesses become more comfortable with crowd sourcing and the technology to support these initiatives becomes cheaper.

For more information on UdhaarDe, please contact us.