Achieve Your Goals with us by becoming one of the first in awareness and in engagement to driving anew business model. Calling all the young and restless mavericks, geeks, mind-benders, cranky heads! Our Start-up is poised to take off. We are looking to add more professionals like you to movetogether to the next level. We are willing to pay close to market rate compensation. We promise you a dynamic workplace and a challenging environment. Be prepared to be a part of an ensemble of same minds which are striving hard to go places.

You are welcome to Apply

If your answer is 'Yes' for the questions below, then we are looking for you.

  • Do you share an ideology to work for a brand-new, well-fundedStart-up that’s striving to revolutionize a business model to change the lives of people?
  • Do you believe you can mentor and at the same time be mentored and are one-of-a-kind cut out to not just achieve things for yourself in life but keep the same thoughts for your team?
  • Do you believe to outgrow from the mere definition of growth that is all about increment and promotions only, but if you are in the company of like-minded people, you can build something from scratch and make the world a better place? Really?
  • Have you ever created or for that matter tried or have failed and yet dusted off and stood up again in buildingan individual or multiple projects that were never a part in your working capacityof job description and which have no direct relevance to any of the tasks you have been assigned to or analyse complex datasets and building financial models?
  • Are you the first person in the meeting-room to check what's wrong with the projector? And you work on the projector to figure out the problem even after a work around has been found after the meeting is over?
  • You are one of those people who would work in remote location and not call tech. support to fix a problem on your machine until you give up trying to fix it on your own? You go down on your knees, squeeze yourself under the desk playing the cables, dirtied your designer jeans and shirt, hurt yourself ramming your knee into the edge of the desk...and alas! have no complaints about the whole ruckus.
  • Are you the one - who people around you are not certain of the nature of your job... analyst? coding? Testing? IT Support? Business Lead?
  • Are you the quintessential person to drive your boss nuts by dishing out an opinion on everything?
  • Are you the enlightened one who believes that all the VMs and frameworks should work the way you tell them to? a.k.a my highway or the highway?
  • Are you bonkers enough to understand work is a subset of life and volunteer to enter the promised land of long hours of mind-bending, arduous work, spending sleepless nights chasing Martin Luther Kings’s iconic words, sifting through endless text of data and romancing the workings of a start-up!

Please Look Away

If your answer is 'Yes' to any of the following, maybe we are not whom you are looking for!

  • You are looking for a self-proclaiming vibrant ivy-league organization and too high-strung about your job title or someone else's (gung ho Marketing Manager, behemoth Senior Developer, Frosty Project Leader, Nirvana Manager, etc...)
  • You are always a safe player and your eye is on championing that next promotion or top benefits or excellent ctc package or reimbursement and your career plan is fixated on thoughts like ‘I should become a Manager’ or a ‘Vice President’ in the next 5yrs.
  • You strongly believe that your dignity arises out of your glistening shoes, your designer wear, your expensive watch and the stylishly embossed business card in your wallet.
  • You spend hours gloating over the performance rating your boss has handed out to you, since he/she knows zilch about the work you actually do.
  • You are knuckle-headed enough to measure your worth and career growth by the number of people reporting to your royal highness.
  • You waste eons thinking about how to keep your boss happy, no matter how thick-headed he/she is.
  • Your DNA has been doctored to believe that a process model like CMM has a deep connection to engineering.
  • The last technical literature that you bought (if at all, by god’s grace) was in college and that too with your dad's moolah.
  • You aced the art of copying code through google search and made it work without even an inkling of how that code actually works.
  • You keep a check on your watch every day, to begin your day with imprinting your thumb on that biometric scanner and anxiously waiting to checkout at closing time because your subconscious is shrieking to hurry to get the hell out of the boiler room.

We are looking for:

  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Managers
  • Client Servicing Associates
  • Web Developers
  • Android and IOS App developers
  • Web Tester

P.S.:- Neither we encourage you to gloat on, and we would seldom care about your education qualifications or past experience as long as we are assured that you can get the work done!

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